5 things I wish I knew at 18 (with gifs!)

1- The job market is so much harder then you think.

Most jobs you see you’re either going to be grossly overqualified or under-qualified. Only go to college if you have a clear path where that degree will take you. Focus on learning as much as you can and do things that will help your future.

2- Not everyone you meet is going to be as kind as you.

Not everyone will be the kind of friend you are. Don’t waste your energy with those people. Surround yourself with people who care about you through the good and the bad. Find people who understand you or at least empathize with you. Appreciate your loved ones and the ones who take care of you.

3- Take care of yourself first.

Mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, financially or intellectually. Don’t put someone else in front of your own care. Take care of your body and your mind. Be active as often as you can. Eat in moderation but still enjoy what you like! Always put yourself first. You can’t help others if you’re sick or drained.

4- It’s okay to struggle.

It’s okay to ask for help. Just make sure you’re going to the right people (see #2) Make sure you periodically have time to vent and let things out. Cry if you need to. Take a sick day if you need to. Keep the communication open with your supporters. They can’t help you if they don’t know.


Be yourself. Don’t try to fit into society’s mold of what’s expected. Don’t do things that don’t contribute to your wellbeing or happiness. Continue to be gentle with yourself. Understand that you can’t always be perfect. Accept that you are the only version of you there is and don’t try to be someone else.

I hope this helps someone who reads this. It helped me to write it! Stay strong out there my friends ❤️


body changes rant 

So first off let me say I’m happy and super grateful for everyone who has been commenting on how great I look and how amazing my body looks….. but honestly it makes me nervous for when my body starts to show more weight gain. 

even though that will be completely normal and healthy for me I’m afraid many people won’t understand that. every time I take a picture, put on a bikini or even just wear fitted clothing I feel so self conscious. I’m nervous people are going to compare me to my stage pictures/lean physique and think I “let myself go” or “lost my willpower” but in reality, gaining weight and eating more freely these past two weeks has actually been extremely mentally stressful. waking up everyday to see my body and the scale changing has been really messing with my head.

I just have to keep reminding myself that there are so many more important things than my weight/body. I’m getting to join in on more social activities and my mood is improving. each day is different and some are harder than others. my anxiety sometimes feels suffocating but I have to try to embrace myself because I know the alternative of trying to change myself will just end up in more body negative thoughts and self destructive actions. it’s a process and all I can do is take it day by day. 



social media

when I decided to start my journey to the stage I was extremely hesitant to put it on social media. I actually didn’t announce it publicly to any outlet until after the show and even then I didn’t say where I placed/ranked. why? because that’s not what mattered. I didn’t want people to focus on that. I wasn’t doing it for attention, and I’m still not. this fitness and health journey has always been about me and bettering myself not only physically but mentally 
with social media being so present in our lives nowadays, I have always been afraid to overshare on my platforms. I had originally created a separate Instagram for my fitness posts. when my competition finally came around I decided to give that up and focus on sharing my journey as my normal self and not be concerned what others are thinking of it. and I can honestly say the support I’ve been receiving is AMAZING! that’s part of the reason I started this blog. I feel so lucky to have all these people love and support me. 
There are still days when I feel self conscious about posting certain pictures or statuses, regardless if they are about health & wellness or anything else but what I’m beginning to realize is I need to embrace the social media age! there is so much love out there and people who truly appreciate what you have to share. as a millennial, we can be labeled as narcissist, the age of selfies & snapchats is among us but I’m choosing to embrace the self love. it’s making me more confident & a happier person. so thank all of you who are supporting me & I encourage you all to share more & not be afraid! like RuPaul says best “if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love anyone else?” 

xoxo mvkayy! 

Extremely basic nutrition

if you’re anything like me when it comes to health, it’s not the working out that is hard (mentally of course… those 45 plates can make things a bit challenging) but the challenge lies with food & nutrition. unfortunately, I have no nutrition background or certifications that allow me to write specific or general diet plans for my clients and I am actually discouraged from giving any nutritional advice (but my goal is to change that one day) so I’m stuck between a rock & a hard place when it comes to this subject. I want to be able to use my personal experience and research to help people, but I know that I can’t actually give nutrition direction as a professional. 
what I’ve found most common is not that people eat wrong or bad on purpose but that they just lack a general sense of actual nutrition. ex- most people think nuts & nut butters are a source of protein, and while they do have a good amount of protein they are mainly dietary fat (not that fat is bad, thats a whole other rabbit hole) but there is just SOOO much junk and weirdness out there in the cyber universe about nutrition it’s so common for people to believe the wrong things. it’s hard to even know where to start! so here’s what I would suggest (as a noncertified, completely uneducated, random blogger 😜)
If you don’t already, keep a food diary!! (use an app for more accurate/in depth tracking or even just write things down) if you are new to everything and don’t want to go crazy counting calories/macros/sugars/fiber, etc.. just do this- start by writing down everything that goes in your body. for the few weeks or so and don’t change your diet. then evaluate what you’ve been eating, is it mostly foods high in fat or lots of processed food? do you eat more than a recommended serving? pay attention to the labels and how much a serving really is, labels get tricky with this! then maybe start to switch out those things out with healthier choices or limit the amounts. 

Another big problem I see, especially with people lifting often is that they aren’t getting enough protein. without sufficient protein your body can’t build back up your muscles. without being about to build back up your muscle all your work is being negated. no protein = no gainz 😩 so if you’ve been putting in work at the gym, but eating like a bunny rabbit at home, you better bust out that grill & bring out some juicy chicken breasts! YUM YUM 

if you want to be more serious, I’d suggest looking into flexible dieting or if it fits your macros (iifym). but that’s a whoooole other subject to touch on later. 

anyways- just remember with nutrition it takes time & consistency! do what you can & then do a little more for me 💪 

stay beautiful peeps!