5 things I learned working at an all women’s studio

things i’ve learned from training an all women’s studio
1- not every woman’s purpose is to lose weight. everyone assumes women workout is to lose weight right? wrong. there are so many other benefits to working out. Some ladies want to increase their strength so they can put up their own holiday decorations or carry all the groceries, some ladies want that rush of endorphins to help start/end their day, some ladies want that satisfaction of a hard sweat, some ladies want to increase their muscle mass to avoid osteoporosis and other health problems and some ladies just want to work out because they enjoy it! Any & all of these reasons are great reasons to workout, it doesn’t need to be for the purpose of changing your body. 

2- you have to appreciate how you are now, while working towards your goals. some of my favorite clients are the older ladies because they help me understand how to appreciate life. they tell me about what’s really important and how to enjoy life! so many women spend so much time wishing and wanting to change themselves- in reality it’s better to accept the way we are while working towards bettering ourselves. definitely easier said than done, but it’s something i’ve really tried to start implementing in my own life. it’s so much better to appreciate your body and all it does for you then to hate it and try to force it to change. 

3- there is a disconnect between correct, educational information and the general public. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard ladies say “well i don’t want to get bulky” or “i just need to do more cardio” NO NO NO! lifting heavier IS the most ideal because it recruits more muscle fiber, builds more muscles which leads to more calories burned AT REST! Example- If client A is 130lbs and 25% body fat and client B is 130lbs but 35% body fat. Client A burns more calories then client B just by possessing more muscle mass i.e. client A can eat MORE throughout the day and do LESS activity. Building more muscle is the best way to increase your daily caloric intake.

4- People really don’t understand nutrition. Although I am in no way a dietitian or nutritionist, I have had my fair share of experience with nutrition and have learned a lot from personal experience. I can largely say that most clients I come across do not understand basic nutrition especially how to utilize it when strength training. I cannot give nutritional coaching legally (personal trainers are NOT certified for nutrition) but I can say if you don’t understand how to properly fuel your body consulting a registered dietician is the best way to make sure you’re eating properly for your body and activity needs.

5- YOU CANNOT JUDGE SOMEONE’S FITNESS LEVEL BY THEIR BODY!!! the way someone looks is not correlated to their physical ability. we all hopefully learned very early on not to judge someone by how they appear but this principle is even more important with fitness. aesthetics is just one of the many categories of fitness. some ladies are super cardio conditioned, some ladies are badass at lifting heavier weights, some ladies have the endurance to bang out tons of reps, some ladies have awesome balance skills, some have amazing flexibility, but ALL the ladies are there to get healthier- to better themselves, to better their lives, to better their health as a whole. 

Just remember all bodies are made to move and enjoy life! 

xoxo mvkayy 


Extremely basic nutrition

if you’re anything like me when it comes to health, it’s not the working out that is hard (mentally of course… those 45 plates can make things a bit challenging) but the challenge lies with food & nutrition. unfortunately, I have no nutrition background or certifications that allow me to write specific or general diet plans for my clients and I am actually discouraged from giving any nutritional advice (but my goal is to change that one day) so I’m stuck between a rock & a hard place when it comes to this subject. I want to be able to use my personal experience and research to help people, but I know that I can’t actually give nutrition direction as a professional. 
what I’ve found most common is not that people eat wrong or bad on purpose but that they just lack a general sense of actual nutrition. ex- most people think nuts & nut butters are a source of protein, and while they do have a good amount of protein they are mainly dietary fat (not that fat is bad, thats a whole other rabbit hole) but there is just SOOO much junk and weirdness out there in the cyber universe about nutrition it’s so common for people to believe the wrong things. it’s hard to even know where to start! so here’s what I would suggest (as a noncertified, completely uneducated, random blogger 😜)
If you don’t already, keep a food diary!! (use an app for more accurate/in depth tracking or even just write things down) if you are new to everything and don’t want to go crazy counting calories/macros/sugars/fiber, etc.. just do this- start by writing down everything that goes in your body. for the few weeks or so and don’t change your diet. then evaluate what you’ve been eating, is it mostly foods high in fat or lots of processed food? do you eat more than a recommended serving? pay attention to the labels and how much a serving really is, labels get tricky with this! then maybe start to switch out those things out with healthier choices or limit the amounts. 

Another big problem I see, especially with people lifting often is that they aren’t getting enough protein. without sufficient protein your body can’t build back up your muscles. without being about to build back up your muscle all your work is being negated. no protein = no gainz 😩 so if you’ve been putting in work at the gym, but eating like a bunny rabbit at home, you better bust out that grill & bring out some juicy chicken breasts! YUM YUM 

if you want to be more serious, I’d suggest looking into flexible dieting or if it fits your macros (iifym). but that’s a whoooole other subject to touch on later. 

anyways- just remember with nutrition it takes time & consistency! do what you can & then do a little more for me 💪 

stay beautiful peeps!