Why hello there! Welcome to todaywithmvkayy. If you’re wondering what mvkayy is it’s my name, well sort of. My name is Megan but in high school there were 6+ other Megans (just in my grade) sooo we all went by last names. Well my last name is von Kolnitz (which is wayyy too long for a nickname) thus vkayy was born! Then in college some of my friends decided they liked to call me MVK so I took that and ran with it šŸ™‚

So here’s some actual about me info-

I’m currently 24 years old. I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from the wonderful Coastal Carolina University. I’m currently working as a Peer Health Coach for local government. I have an amazing boyfriend ofĀ 7 years. IĀ live with himĀ in Northern Virginia living only 20mins away from my parentsĀ which I am TOOOOTALLY okay with because I am a huge family oriented person and my mom is my ultimate bff (even though sometimes I want to strangle her, that’s normal right?). I created this blog as a kind of modge podge of everything. I have no specific “theme” although I plan to be writing about fitness, nutrition, wellness, relationships, psychology, body positivity, post grad life, travel, cultureĀ and of course the occasional rant sesh. This blog is a POSITIVE zone, if you have nothing nice to say then click the little X box & go see your way somewhere else! Ain’t nobody got time for dat here.IMG_6821